Saturday, 20 July 2013

Something wet... (Golden) Mojito

This is what Mojito literally means - 'something wet'. It seems to be a perfect drink - chilling and refreshing, it might be prepared as a traditional drink as well as a soft drink. I do recommend both versions.
Slightly changed, recipe comes from BBC Food.
This one, if prepared with an alcohol, is called 'Golden Mojito' as it is prepared with golden rum. Basic Mojito is prepared with white rum, though Mojito, on its own, has plenty of flavour variations.

Ingredients for one glass:

  • 3-4 fresh mint sprigs* 
  • 3 lime wedges (3/4 of a lime)
  • 2½ teaspoon of sugar
  • ice cubes
  • soda water(=fizzy drink, tonic, sparkling water)
For decoration:
  • fresh mint sprig, thin lime wedge, etc.

Optional ingredients:
  • 25 ml of golden rum

*yes, sprigs, not only leaves. I've read that these enhance the drink's flavour as they contain some vital oils. But if you wish you can only use leaves from those sprigs.

  1. Clean the mint springs. Dry them on paper towels.
  2. Cut the lime into 4 wedges. 
  3. Take a highball glass. Put 1 lime wedge, add 2 mint sprigs and sugar. 
  4. Using for example a clean rolling pin (or a teaspoon), slightly muddle them (be careful not to break the glass) to release the flavour of the mint and lime. 
  5. Put another lime wedge, another 2 mint sprigs and muddle again. Add the last lime wedge and muddle it as well.
  6. Add ice cubes - almost as many as a glass can take.
  7. Slowly pour the rum and soda. Using for example a clean latte spoon, stir.
  8. Decorate the edges of the glass with mint or lime wedge, add a straw.
  9. Bon Appetit! :)

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