Kitchen Curiosities

  • Kitchen Life Wisdom
How to get rid of annoying mosquitoes?
Plungle cloves into an apple an put near to you. Mosquitoes hate that smell.
  • Cleaning
To clean the oven, try using only baking soda and vinegar

Something smells fishy...
To get rid of the odour of boiled fish, put some drops of lemon juice or a piece of fresh ginger into the pot with the fish.

  • Baking/Cooking:
Keeping quark fresh for longer time:
Sounds funny but it will last longer if you put the packaging with the quark upside down in the fridge.

How to chop the meat faster?
Sometimes it is difficult to chop fresh meat. But it is much easier if you wrap it in the aluminium foil and put it to the freezer for an hour.

Tough meat?
It will be soft and delicate if you add a little bit of vodka while boiling it ;)

Meat water
Any water left after boiling meat? Use it to water your plants, it has a lot of valuable substances.

Will be ready faster if you add one good tablespoon of butter or margarine while boiling.

It will look better - it will be more yellow if you add a little curcuma while boiling.

Sticky rice:
To avoid it, before boiling the rice, add few drops of lemon juice to the water.

How to check whether your cake/muffins are ready using a toothpick?

Open the oven (be careful, hot air will come out of the oven) and simply plunge the toothpick into every muffin. When you take out the toothpick and it is clean - your cake/muffins are ready. If not - keep baking :)
It doesn't work with sponge cake! (during baking sponge cake you can't open the oven)

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