Thursday, 20 June 2013

Home-made chocolates

A definite gourmet sensation. Easy to prepare, can remain in the fridge for a quite long time.
Can be prepared out of every kind of chocolate, but definitely those made of milk chocolate are the best.
The filling may vary as well. 
I used a lot of silicone forms to prepare them, even ice silicone forms. Surprisingly they seem to be the best - cause they are big enough and vary in shapes :)
The original recipe comes from this website, but I have changed the filling from raspberries to strawberries.

Ingredients: (for 25-30 chocolates - it depends on forms)
  • 150-200 g of raspberries/strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 200 g of white chocolate
  • 50 ml of 36% cream
  • 200 g of milk chocolate (good quality preferred)

Optional ingredients:
  • 1 tablespoon of vodka

  1. Take a pot and put inside strawberries/raspberries with sugar. Boil for 2 minutes, then rub it through the sieve, throw away the kernels.
  2. Now it is the right moment for optional ingredients. Add vodka and boil till the excess of water evaporates.
  3. Break white chocolate to smaller parts and add it to raspberry/strawberry puree. Then add also cream. Stir everything till the chocolate melts and everything is smooth. Cool the puree. It should get thicker after cooling.
  4. Prepare your silicone form (here, it needs to be silicone form, because other way, you wouldn't be able to take your chocolates out of the form).
  5. Melt your chocolate - put it in a pot with double bottom and put it on the lowest heat. This is very important - because your chocolate instead of melting may burn and there may be some lumps*. A good idea is to heat the pot and turn off the heat. The chocolate will melt (because of the warmed up pot) and no lumps should appear.
  6. Take a pastry brush, put it in the melted chocolate and apply it to every hole in your silicone form. Do it precisely - spread the chocolate over the entire hole - both bottom and sides. Wait till it dries and put another tier of chocolate.** Wait till it dries.(you can put them in the fridge for 15-30 minutes)
  7. Put something around one teaspoon of the fruit puree into every hole. Do not fill the entire hole till the edge - leave some free space for the last closing tier of chocolate.
  8. Using a pastry brush/a teaspoon put the last tier of chocolate on every small chocolate. Once you put both the puree and the last tier of chocolate - put your chocolates in the fridge for at least an hour.
  9. Carefully take them out of the silicone form (bundle out of the form). These chocolates may remain really for a long time in a room temperature. But keep them in the fridge if there is no need (no guests ;) ) for keeping them on the table.
  10. Bon appetit ! :)

* If there are lumps but the chocolate is not burnt - add one tablespoon of milk (or more if you see after stiring that one is not enough), warm it up and stir.
** the bottom and sides of your chocolates need to have double tier of chocolate not to break while taking them out of the silicone form. This is why it needs to be done precisely and twice.

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