Friday, 11 July 2014

Meringue Cookies

Mmm! Very nice and elegant cookies! Equally sweet and sour. Though if You don't like the sour taste of lemon, the filling may be different, as a lot of fillings match here :) 
And - If You're running out of time, there is no need to bake a home-made meringues, as they're available in most supermarkets.
Those cookies - smaller or bigger - will wonderfully decorate the table. 
I think a pyramid of sweet meringues on a big white plate, on a wedding table would look just purely perfect .. don't You think? :)
Recipe for meringues, slightly changed, comes from that website.



  • 3 egg whites 
  • 200g of sugar (finely ground)
  • a pinch of salt
Lemon curd:
  • 3 eggs 
  • lemon zest and lemon juice from 3 lemons 
  • 100g of powdered sugar 
  • 100g of cool butter 
Additional ingredients:

  • food colouring (powdered or gel)



  1. Prepare a baking sheet, cover with baking paper.  Draw a lot of small circles all over the baking sheet, leaving some space between those circles (diameter: max 5 cm). Put aside. 
  2. Take a mixer and its bowl, put egg whites and salt inside, start beating. After a while, start adding sugar, one tablespoon after another, mixing precisely all the time. The beating should take 10-15 minutes, not less. The meringue after the beating should be stiff and shiny and sugar should dissolve completely. 
  3. Here is a good time to add food colouring, as much as you wish, and mixing precisely. Note that the colour will fade a little bit due to the baking process, so add a little bit more of it, not to be dissapointed with the final colour of the cookies.
  4. Using a syringe, distribute the meringue on the baking sheet, on previously drawn circles. 
  5. Put in the oven and bake for 60-90 minutes (or a little bit longer) in 120C. After that time, meringue cookies should be crunchy. 
  6. After baking, keep in a room temperature, till the filling is ready.

Lemon curd:

Lemon curd requires a 'bath' so it is necessary to have a suitable pot and a bowl, that can be put one on another.

  1. Chop the butter into smaller pieces. 
  2. Take a pot, put some water inside, start boiling it. 
  3. Take a bowl that matches the pot, put eggs inside, beat. 
  4. Add lemon juice, lemon zest, powdered sugar and stir till everything links and there are no lumps. 
  5. Now put the bowl on the top of your pot (make sure the bowl stands out from the pot so that you don't get burn) and slowly keep heating up the mixture (don't boil it). 
  6. Keep adding the butter, one piece after another, stiring after adding. 
  7. When all the butter is melted in the mixture, turn off the heat and put the bowl with lemon curd somewhere aside, to let it cool down. 
  8. Then put your lemon curd in the fridge so that it stiffens more. 

  1. Take a meringue, distribute some filling on its bottom and link with another small meringue cookie.
  2. Bon Appetit! :)

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