Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gourmet Sensation vol. 2

Here is another version of my Gourmet Sensation. Don't try to call it 'worse' or 'poor'! ;) You will have problems to stop devouring it ;) It is same easy and same tasty :) 
And - it gets better with time :)

*if powdered:
you will need 2 sachets which need to be combined with milk (the method of preparing it is written on the sachet, you will probably need around 200 ml of milk per sachet)
* if real, fresh, liquid one, to whip it up: 1 packaging(around 330 ml, but it is ok to use more)  + 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar + here I do recommend using some kind of powder that can stiffen the cream (in Poland: śmietan-fix, made mainly of glucose and starch)

  • baking cocoa, to sprinkle the top of the cake (or grated chocolate, preferably dark chocolate, because the cake is really sweet itself)


Briefly, tiers:
  1. biscuits
  2. custard/budyń
  3. biscuits
  4. fudge
  5. biscuits
  6. whipped cream
  7. chocolate/cocoa

* every tier will cover the entire surface of the tin.
  1. Take a rectangular springform cake tin.
  2. Put one tier of biscuits on the bottom of your cake tin.
  3. Prepare the custard and pour it on biscuits (don't wait till it cools down).
  4. Take a pot, pour some water inside, start heating.
  5. Open tins with fudge, put them in the pot. Boil on a low heat (keep looking at it, but nothing bad should happen). Stir from time to time.
  6. Put another tier of biscuits - no need to wait till the custard is cold.
  7. Stir the fudge slowly, check if it isn't burning anyhow (though it shouldn't).
  8. If the water with tins already boils, stir the fudge and turn off the heat. Using for instance a tea towel, take the first tin and a spoon, and pour the fudge on the biscuits. Distribute all over the biscuits. Take another tin and reapeat the action.
  9. Put another tier of biscuits.
  10. Put everything in a cold place or in a fridge, so that it cools down completely.
  11. Prepare whipped cream.
  12. When the cake is cooled down, distribute whipped cream all over the top.
  13. Shortly before serving, sprinkle the top with chocolate/cocoa.
  14. Keep in a fridge.
  15. Bon Appetit! :)

Ciasta bez pieczenia

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