Monday, 17 June 2013

(Un)usual pink coffee

Who said that coffee needs to be boring, black or white?
Well, well, it doesn't.

All we need is just ... our favourite coffee, and milk, which is mixed with colouring liquid (if not available in your shop, try internet shops) in our favourite colour. I used pink (even though this is not my favourite colour).



  • one-two teaspoons of coffee
  • water

Optional ingredients:

  • one tiny drop of vanilla or almond or orange extract
  • once cardamom seed at the bottom of your coffee cup

Colourful milk:

  • around 50 ml of milk but it depends on your own taste
  • one colour you like


  1. Add optional ingredients if you wish. Pour coffe (without putting any milk yet) - leave some space on the top of your cup for the milk
  2. Put your milk in a milk jug. Put one drop of the colour into your milk. If you want more intense colour, put more drops, but one after another, not to exagerrate. 
  3. Prepare steamed milk.
  4. Take a spoon and put it gently on the edge of the jug, so that the milk that is still a liquid(the bottom of the milk jug) is poured to your coffee. (do it only if you want a white coffee. If not - skip that part)
  5. Take a spoon and put the steamed milk gently on the top of your coffee, starting from the middle. Cover the entire surface.
  6. Bon appetit!

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